What Patients and Parents Are Saying!

Our son’s speech was delayed until he was almost 2 and then one day out of the blue he started talking, but his speech was just a little off. Throughout elementary school he went to speech therapy with the other kids, but by fourth grade he noticed there were fewer and fewer kids with him. As a mom and dad, we want it all for our children, but we can only try and help so much, before we were all frustrated. At the same time, with middle school and tweener years looming, we didn’t want our son to become self-conscious of his speech. This is where Ms. Olive came in. After only a few weeks of working with our son at home, we noticed a dramatic improvement – first he would catch himself mispronouncing a word without any coaxing by us and then it just wasn’t an issue at all. His rapid success is directly attributable to Ms Olive’s one on one approach, her patience and her ability to uniquely tailor the therapy to not only keep our son interested but actually look forward to his next speech class. Similarly, by Ms Olive offering speech therapy in the home, it makes for a more relaxing, yet focused session that my son responded extremely well to without the distractions of a group setting in school. 

Thanks again Ms. Olive for helping our son and providing this valuable service to our community!

Darren & Carlie, RPV

I reached out to Layla Olive with Speech by the Beach because I was concerned that my son (age 2) was delayed in his speech. I was consistently told by others that boys just take longer, and not to worry, but as a mother I just felt there was something wrong. Layla happily assessed my son with a fun filled play time. She was so good with him, and he was more than happy to participate in her exercises and activities. As a result of assessment she noted that my son was delayed in his speech (approximately 9 months below his age). Layla immediately put me at ease, and assured me. Layla's comforting approach really helps a parent when they realize their child is struggling. Her advice and guidance was simple and not overwhelming. She basically said we've found a speech problem, and now we're just going to fix it. My son promptly entered into speech therapy for a year and a half after this original assessment. He quickly caught up to his peers in that time, helping him with communication and play time. Layla also guided me in qualifying for additional services at Harbor Regional Center. She accompanied me to meetings and read over my son's file and reports at numerous stages just to make sure he was on the right path. Not only is Layla a talented and experienced speech therapist, she is very driven and passionate about her job. She is dedicated to the children she works with and treats them as her own. Both my children love Layla because of her spirit and compassion. Not to mention, she is just a fun loving person!!

Julianne, Redondo Beach 

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