Speech - Language Pathology 

In-home Services

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Assessment and Evaluation

Speech By the Beach offers comprehensive assessment and evaluation of each individual child's speech and language abilities. A child's speech and language development is assessed through a variety of methods such as standardized tests, observations, and informal play. These are performed to identify areas of speech and language need as well appropriateness for intervention and to develop an individualized treatment plan for therapy. 

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Language Skills

Speech by the Beach offers intervention to target a child's language skills. Language refers to the skills related to speaking, writing, reading, and listening. It may also refer to the ability to understand and express oneself through gestures or body language.

Language can be broken down into three specific areas: 

Expressive Language

The ability to express any form of language (e.g., speaking, writing, sign language, AAC, etc.)

Receptive Language

The ability to interpret, process, and understand any form of language (e.g., listening, reading, ubderstanding gestures, etc.)

Pragmatic Language

The ability to interpret and utilize "social language" skills in daily interactions (e.g., making eye contact, taking turns, asking questions, understanding and controlling facial expressions, etc.)


Speech/ Articulation

Speech By the Beach offers speech/ articulation therapy for children with speech sound disorders. The term 'articulation' refers to the way a child produces sounds to form words. As children develop their speech and language skills, they may have difficulty saying certain sounds correctly and/or clearly. If a child produces these sounds in error past the expected age, they may have a speech sound disorder. Speech therapy will be targeted to help their perception and production of the errored sound in a specific developmental hierarchy.

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Orofacial Myofunctional Treatment

Speech By the Beach also offers intervention specific to children with Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders (OMDs). Children with OMDs typically possess atypical oral and orofacial musculature that hinders normal growth or development of orofacial structures.  These impairments may affect a child's speech, eating, sleeping, orthodontia, and more. 

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Oral Habit Elimination

At Speech by the Beach we offer an oral habit elimination program that incorporates behavioral modification and positive reinforcement to break the habit and reverse the negative effects of thumb/finger sucking. This fun 30-Day program empowers your child and motivates them to accomplish their goal of eliminating oral habits. With just a little hard work and a few rewards along the way, this program has PROVEN to be effective and the best part... No Harsh or Painful Appliances are used!